Joyce Meyer Program: Testimonies from the Girls of Mercy Ministries

Joyce Meyer: Welcome! You know I lived a large portion of my life in pain, and I would really like anyone who is suffering to know that you can have joy and peace. You can have it every single day of your life. I really want to help hurting people and do whatever God allows me to do to be able to change lives.  You know I don’t think there is anything greater than to be able to help somebody else the same way God has helped you.

The Bible actually says that He comfort us so we can in comfort other people with the same comfort that He gave to us.  And I just love the thought of being able to share the Word of God with you and to help you in a way where you can enjoy the life that Jesus died to give you.  And you know that partnership enables us this ministry to help people all over the world. A few years ago, we started partnering with Mercy Ministries, a program providing hope and healing to young women who need freedom from life-controlling problems. And here is a look at a few of these lives that have been changed and will never be the same. [Cue video]

[Video]: These girls are precious in the sight of God, but somehow through life’s circumstances, they got off track. They may have suffered physical or sexual abuse, an eating disorder, drug addiction, an unplanned pregnancy, or other life-altering issue.  Whatever the cause, the goal of Mercy Ministries is to restore and transform lives, helping these young women realize their full potential in Christ.

The process begins when a girl between the ages of 13-28 applies on a voluntarily basis.  The program is free and the only requirements are a willing heart and a sincere desire to change.  During their six-month stay, the girls receive expert care from trained professionals at each residential facility.  Their day begins early with breakfast and morning chores.  They have Bible study followed by praise and worship giving them a chance to get into God’s presence each morning.  They have class twice a day with solid teaching from guest speakers, staff members, or teaching tapes.

The schedule includes individual and group counseling sessions on a weekly basis, and each week the girls rotate household chores including preparing meals. It’s all part of life skills training they receive during their stay.  Each afternoon, they take a break to play sports or exercise at a nearby gym.  The program is all about restoring a healthy balance to their lives.

A girl is ready to graduate when she and her counselor feel she has successfully dealt with all the issues she needed to address, when she demonstrates leadership in the home, and has a solid aftercare plan with plenty of accountability, a good church where she can continue to grow, and a safe and stable home environment.

Monique: My name is Monique and I am a graduate from Mercy Ministries, and we would like to let you in on a discussion between the graduates and residents about this program.

Alexis: When I first came to Mercy, I didn’t talk at all.  I was very shy and very scared of everybody around and like now I am able to just…I talk to the new girls and I talk to the staff.  I just have the confidence to be myself, and I don’t have to be someone else.

Melissa: I was definitely the opposite of her.  I came in here very confident, but the wrong kind of confidence.  I wasn’t confident in my walk with God, I was confident as “this is who I am your not going to change me.”  I had a wall up, and I wasn’t going to listen to authority.  My walk with God is getting stronger and stronger just knowing that I am dropping all my walks, and allowing people to speak into my life, and not think it is all about me and that I don’t know everything.

Monique: That’s really awesome.

Kristen: I think the biggest thing for me, it’s been kind of been like my own version of Extreme Home Makeover. I have kind of been just refilled and like I came in and I would only wear black. And I wore this track jacket everyday and kind of hid under everything and didn’t want the real me to be known because I didn’t really respect myself and didn’t really like who I was. And through this process, my smile has become real. It’s genuine now and not just kind of hiding behind it.  I mean my life has just been changed.

Mandie: I’m staying very involved in my church, and just staying around positive people. Like the four things that they told me before I graduated is that you have to stay in the Word, stay in prayer, stay around other believers, and stay in church.  And I think I have kept that my first month out so just keeping that has helped me a lot.  And if you remember those four things it will definitely help you.  Just remind yourself, even if you have to remind yourself of it everyday, and that’s what it takes.

Kacy: It’s really important to ask for help when you graduate Mercy, because you think ah I have conquered all my stuff, I’m fixed in a way, but let’s say you do mess up, it’s very important you call your accountability partner or ask for prayer or do something.  The world is not going to end if I do mess up, but I need to not stay down.  Getting up is what you need to do.

Monique: It was a pride issue for me.  I didn’t want them to think I want to go back to these things.  You are going to naturally be tempted to go back to those things because you have overcome it.  So, it’s just being honest about everything, laying everything out in the open with your parents or who ever you are living with and just not be scared to tell them that you are having trouble with things.

Mandie: It’s nice to know that there are people out there supporting Mercy and us and supporting our healing and they don’t even know they and us love us. It’s awesome to have that.

Monique: And it’s not only blessing the girls in the houses they are giving to but its changing lives actually its saving girl’s lives.

Kristen: I think it’s important that partners know that they are not giving to a vision, but they are giving to hearts.

All Girls: Thank you for investing in our lives!

For more information about Mercy Ministries, visit them online at

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