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The Why Behind the What

The Why Behind The What – 2 CDs


How To Be Moved With Compassion Toward People You Don’t Understand


Do you have trouble understanding where some people are coming from? Do you find yourself wondering why people do what they do? In this teaching, Nancy Alcorn will challenge you to consider the why behind the what. Nancy shares in a practical way how to move from a place of judgement, to compassion leading to action. You will be empowered to love well and freely speak the truth that challenges hearts and transforms lives.


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Learning How to Love with Impact - 2 CDs - Mercy360Promo

Learning How to Love with Impact – 2 CDs


Are you making an impact on those around you? Is your love REAL? In this series, Nancy Alcorn will challenge you to love the way God loves and to see people the way God sees them. Nancy shares in practical ways how to discern the difference between human love and the God-kind of love that never fails. Get ready to impact people as you learn how to allow the God-kind of love to flow out of you. Be God’s vessel to impact others and see lives changed!


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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment – 2CDs


Your destiny awaits you. Your past does not dictate your future! Do you want to walk in your utmost potential instead of being consumed by your deepest issues? In this series, Nancy Alcorn lays the foundation for changing your future and leaving your past behind you. You have to choose to exchange your victim mentality for walking in truth. Nancy offers practical wisdom that frustrates worldly remedies and religious thinking and encourages calling on God. This dynamic teaching will provide you with the tools you need to be an overcomer in Christ!


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'Mercy For' Series

“Mercy For” Series


This incredible four-book series covers the topics of eating disorders, self-harm, addictions and sexual abuse. These books are written to bring freedom to all who are struggling with these issues. However, these books are also designed for family members, friends, youth leaders, senior pastors – all those who care about someone who is struggling with these issues or who desires to help someone who is struggling with these issues.

These books normally sell for $10 each, but we are offering the entire set of 4 books for only $30!!!


Weight: 4.00
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