Mercy Ministries Nashville 2011 Graduates Tell Their Stories

Twenty-nine years ago, Nancy Alcorn founded Mercy Ministries and opened a residential home for young women in Monroe, Louisiana. Since then, Mercy Ministries has helped literally thousands of women ages 13-28 who are struggling with eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, substance abuse, self-harm and physical or sexual abuse to find the path to freedom in Christ. Today, Mercy Ministries operates four homes in the United States along with several affiliated homes serving girls in, Canada and the U.K. Here, several Mercy Ministries graduates share their stories.


Mercy Ministries Offers Hope


“I was constantly running from my problems and they were following me.  I found out about Mercy Ministries and with the great help of a friend I decided to apply.  While on the waiting list, I felt that it was too much and that I couldn’t handle it anymore and came up with a for-sure way to die.  God miraculously interceded and I’m here today.  When I walked through the doors of Mercy Ministries I knew it was only God’s grace.  I thought I had no hope but God has shown me that he has a great plan for me and after graduation I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.  And God really got in me to what I want to do with my life and I’m now in chiropractic school in Atlanta, Georgia.  And I’m just so excited to be able to bless people because I’ve been so blessed.”


Mercy Ministries Offers Restoration


“I was raised in a household with just a ton of love except I didn’t love myself.  By the age of eight I started dieting.  By the age of twelve I started binging and purging.  By the age of fifteen I was hospitalized.  And for fifteen years the vicious cycle of an eating disorder consumed my life.  For half of my life this wonderful man stood by my side but the eating disorder drove a huge wedge between us.  When I came to Mercy Ministries I was unraveling.  I was ready to die.  I was ready to give up hope and I needed someone to carry me and God said I will.  While I was at Mercy Ministries, He restored my heart, He restored my soul, and He restored my life.  He restored my body.  And when doctors said I probably wouldn’t live, I lived.  When doctors said I probably wouldn’t have children, this past July we had our beautiful son Joshua.”


Mercy Ministries Offers Healing


“I came to Mercy Ministries in 2004. I was deeply wounded by years of sexual abuse at the hands of my alcoholic father.  I grew up in a lot of fear and a lot of shame and a lot of anger that I turned inwards.  And by the time I was in high school I developed deep depression.  I was cutting on a daily basis and I had severe anorexia.  I went through about five years of hospitalizations.  I spent five straight years from one hospital to another to another being seen by all the best doctors.  I was taking handfuls of medications at a time hoping one of them would somehow make me better.  They surgically put in a feeding tube and kept me alive and at one point after about five years, the doctors sat me down and said there’s nothing else, we can’t do anything and you’ll probably be institutionalized forever and not have a job or live outside these walls.  And at that point I decided that instead of that I was just going to kill myself.  I came down to Mercy Ministries.  While I was waiting on the waiting list, God started transforming me and working with the Mercy Ministries counselors on the phone I was devouring all the assignments and Scripture they were giving me.  I gave my life to Christ and when I entered the doors in 2004 I was already so different.  But while I was at Mercy Ministries God healed me.  God healed me completely.  He restored me.  He gave me such hope.  I knew that I had value and I had worth and I never thought that was possible.  I left at the end of 2004, stayed in Nashville, graduated with my undergraduate degree and started a graduate program at Vanderbilt.  And on May 11th of this year I will be graduating with my PhD in Quantitative Psychology from Vanderbilt University.  And then two days later on May 13th I’m going to marry this amazing Christian guy.”


Mercy Ministries Offers Transformation


“When I came to Mercy Ministries I was completely lost.  I was homeless, living on the streets.  I was selling drugs just to make ends meet.  I grew up in an extremely abusive home filled with sexual, verbal, physical, emotional abuse.  I was told by my parents and all the psychiatrists and counselors I had been seeing from an early age that I had obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, oppositional defiant disorder, and bipolar disorder.  Today I stand before you completely transformed.  It wasn’t any easy road though.  All throughout high school and my first year of college I tried to take my life many times.  I began self-harming when I was eight years old and it continued all the way until I entered the doors of Mercy Ministries in 2009.  When I came to Mercy Ministries I was convinced it was just going to be another program, another set of counselors who would tell me that I was a lost cause.  But instead I was called beloved.  All the labels that had been put on me throughout the years were taken off immediately.  And I began to believe that I could be completely changed from the inside out.  Through the help of the staff members at Mercy Ministries and through the help of my Lord Jesus Christ I was able to overcome and get deep rooted healing from all the hurts of the abuse and the pain I had been through in the past.  Now I stand before you a staff member at Mercy Ministries Nashville.  I am excited to be able to share the hope and the freedom that I received at Mercy Ministries into the lives of the residents now at Nashville.  And I’d like to say that I’m a transformed life transforming other lives.  Thank you!”


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