Founder and President of Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries is a faith-based program committed to helping young women from all walks of life deal with issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse to eating disorders and unplanned pregnancy. As well, Mercy Ministries assists women with substance abuse issues and eating disorders. By utilizing holistic methods and professional therapy in a safe and controlled setting, Mercy Ministries has proven effective at helping these women deal with their issues since 1983. Services are offered free of charge to young women 13-28 at four different locations in the United States.

The founder of Mercy Ministries, Nancy Alcorn, started the program after nearly a decade working in the State of Tennessee’s Department of Corrections Juvenile Division. There, she investigated cases of child abuse and worked closely with under-age offenders who were place in state custody. Alcorn founded Mercy Ministries after seeing that many of these female inmates returned to their previous way of life and found themselves back in the system as adults. Nancy Alcorn observed that the secular programs the state offered did nothing to treat the pain and emptiness these girls felt inside; she believed God would provide healing for this and more through Mercy Ministries.

Mercy Ministries established its first location in Monroe, Louisiana. From the very beginning, Nancy Alcorn and Mercy Ministries have maintained specific goals which stand today as the base of the group’s foundation. First, Mercy Ministries has always, and shall always, provide their services without cost. Alcorn is also committed to the Biblical mandate of tithing, and Mercy allocates 10% of donations collected to other worthwhile causes. Perhaps most importantly, Mercy Ministries does not accept any funding which would prohibit the freedom of the organization to promote Christ and His purpose.

The Mercy Ministries program is voluntary and consists of integrating God’s principles with proven healing methods. By helping young women understand their true potential and purpose in life, Mercy Ministries offers hope and long-term results. Unlike state correctional facilities, Mercy Ministries teaches that God’s love is unconditional, regardless of past mistakes, and that through relationship with Him it is possible to halt destructive behaviors.

The residential program structure at Mercy Ministries also teaches young women the skills they need in order to create a positive atmosphere for themselves as well as their future families. Mercy Ministries covers Life Skills Training, Money Management, Nutrition and Fitness. As well, the young women of Mercy Ministries are counseled on how to set personal boundaries. Most importantly, Mercy Ministries provides Bible classes and scriptural reading time, often surprising residents with guest appearances from popular Christian artists and world-class motivational speakers.

Mercy Ministries employs seven scriptural values in teaching “Choices that Bring Change.” Included in the Mercy Ministries curriculum are Freedom from Oppression, recognizing Generational Patterns, Choosing Forgiveness, Renewing the Mind, Healing Life Hurts, Principles for Life-long Success, and Committing to Christ. Counselors work with residents to equip them with the skills they need to be productive citizens and lead healthy, Christian lives. The young women of Mercy Ministries are required to own accountability for themselves and identify goals at set intervals throughout their first three months in the program. After 90 days, the Mercy Ministries residents begin to anticipate their future by creating an aftercare goals list, which they are encouraged to accomplish over the next six months.

In addition to the U.S.-based Mercy Ministries residential treatment centers, the organization also offers adoption assistance and transitional care to its participants.

After nearly 30 years providing hope to young women, Mercy Ministries continues to grow and evolve. Currently, Mercy Ministries has locations in four states with land in two additional states dedicated for additional facilities. Mercy Ministries’ corporate office is located in Nashville, TN with international affiliates in New Zealand, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

For more information about Mercy Ministries, visit them online at

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