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Mercy Ministries | Bringing Increase Isn’t About Having More…

It is about having more to give, according to the founder and president of Mercy Ministries.


Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn is a blessed woman. The leader of Mercy Ministries is a prominent speaker and successful author, having written numerous books based on her faith. Her passion for bringing change to the lives of the girls she helps through Mercy Ministries is only surpassed by her love of God and her devotion to His will. Nancy Alcorn says that Mercy Ministries would not have been possible without the increase that God has provided her and the successes in which He has allowed her to achieve in His honor.


According to Alcorn, God gives you the seeds to sow but you must use them wisely to experience their benefits fully. Just as you must open the door to enter your home, you must open your heart and use the keys He provides. Mercy Ministries’ Alcorn says that God, in his infinite wisdom, is a multiplier. He will multiply the seeds of those who can do the most with the harvest. In other words, those who give freely receive the right seeds and know how to plant them to let God multiply their blessings.


One of the first seeds that God planted in Alcorn before opening Mercy Ministries was that she must freely give 10% of the ministry’s intake to other causes. This might sound odd to some who have asked, “Why turn around and give away what was just given to you?” It’s really very simple, says the Founder of Mercy Ministries; give a seed to another and it will grow, too. Many of the ministries to which Mercy Ministries donates have returned their blessings to the girls tenfold through their teachings; these lessons in turn go on to help the woman grow. The woman will go on to share these lessons with others and so the harvest is multiplied.


According to Mercy Ministries’ Alcorn, the seeds may be few in the beginning but consistency and faith are the keys to unlocking a more bountiful harvest. Mercy Ministries started with ten girls. Today, Mercy Ministries has helped over 3,000 and continues to expand, allowing her to share on a global scale the gifts in which God has entrusted her in this realm.


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Mercy Ministries Girls Give Thanks

(Nicole) Hi I’m Nicole and I’ve been here at Mercy Ministries for three months now. And I’m so thankful for so many things. God has provided me with a place like Mercy Ministries and gave me a second chance at life. Because without Mercy Ministries I would not be here today. He’s given me Mercy Ministries sisters that just brighten up my day. And I couldn’t ask for anything better. And He’s changed my mindset completely from self-harm because I am His precious daughter and He lives within me. And there’s no reason for that (self-harm) anymore because He forgives me for my mistakes and I’m fearfully and wonderfully made in His eyes.


(Alexis) Hi my name is Alexis and I’ve been in Mercy Ministries for almost four months. And I’m thankful for my baby sister. She’s four years old and I miss her so much. I’m thankful for Mercy Ministries for having a place like this for me to come and get healing. I’m thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ for dying for me for my sins and I can go to heaven and He died for my shame too. I’m thankful for not being on the street, having a warm place to live and somewhere to sleep and having food to eat. And I hope you have a Merry Mercy Christmas.


(Trish) Hi my name is Trish and I have been at Mercy Ministries for three days. And I’m thankful for my grandparents. And I’m thankful to God for keeping me alive and for the opportunity I have to come to Mercy Ministries and be with the other Mercy Ministries girls and the staff and the love and support they give to us all. Have a very Merry Mercy Christmas.


(Chelsea) Hi I’m Chelsea and I’ve been at Mercy Ministries for a little over six months now. I’m getting ready to graduate at the beginning of December. And I am just so thankful that God spared my life on multiple occasions when my choices really would have brought a different result. And I’ve had a cool, cool Thanksgiving here and I’m so excited for Christmas at Mercy Ministries. And I hope you have a very Merry Mercy Christmas.


Visit Mercy Ministries online at

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Press / Media Mentions of Mercy Ministries

Schermerhorn Symphony Center Hosts Mercy Ministries Benefit Concert Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America ( June 14, 2012 — Mercy Ministries announces performances by country music talents Darryl Worley and Jimmy Wayne at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on June 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are on sale now and range from $16.50 to $37.00. […]

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Mercy Ministries Videos

More Graduates Restored and Free! The amazing young women who graduate from Mercy Ministries have been moved off a path of destruction onto a road that leads to a bright future. They are literally brought from death into life! Each of the recent graduates from our Monroe and California homes had their lives transformed and […]

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Mercy Ministries Graduates Give Back to Children in Uganda

Katelyn Hamby is the Executive Assistant to Mercy Ministries Founder & President Nancy Alcorn. In this article she recalls the opportunities that 16 Mercy Ministries graduates and 2 staff members had when they traveled to Uganda in July 2011 to build four classrooms for a school in Uganda.


As Executive Assistant to the Founder and President of Mercy Ministries, a free-of-charge, Christian residential program for girls who are facing difficult life circumstances, I’ve seen hundreds of hurting young women come into the Mercy Ministries program broken by sexual abuse, self-harm, eating disorders and addictions. Many of them have been deemed “hopeless cases” by society, and sometimes even by secular treatment facilities. Yet time after time, I watch just a few months later as these same girls graduate from Mercy Ministries as healthy, happy, and excited about their future – completely transformed by the love of Christ. One by one, the Mercy Ministries staff has counted the successes over the years, but it took a trip halfway around the world for me to realize how incomplete this tally really was. Let me explain…


It was always a dream of ours here at Mercy Ministries to develop an opportunity for our graduates to give back by serving others upon completion of our program. After a year of planning and praying, we finally found the perfect opportunity: partnering with Watoto Ministries to build classrooms for needy Ugandan children orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic. Our Mercy Ministries graduates worked hard to fund the entire trip themselves, including the cost of building materials, and I was excited to accompany them.


I knew this would be a meaningful experience for them, but I had no idea how meaningful it would be to me. I watched as once-troubled young women from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and hometowns work tirelessly in the African heat to build new structures. Everywhere we went, I saw our Mercy Ministries graduates – once desperately in need of prayer for their own lives – praying for the house mom, playing with orphans, sharing their testimonies, and loving on people through a hug or smile. It was clear that God had stirred a strong sense of passion and purpose in their lives, and they were up to the task. What’s more, they were all living, breathing examples of hope restored and lives transformed. If God could bind up the broken hearts of these supposedly “hopeless cases,” he surely could do the same for the Ugandan orphans and their AIDS-ravaged communities!

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Mercy Ministries Nashville 2011 Graduates Tell Their Stories

Twenty-nine years ago, Nancy Alcorn founded Mercy Ministries and opened a residential home for young women in Monroe, Louisiana. Since then, Mercy Ministries has helped literally thousands of women ages 13-28 who are struggling with eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, substance abuse, self-harm and physical or sexual abuse to find the path to freedom in Christ. Today, Mercy Ministries operates four homes in the United States along with several affiliated homes serving girls in, Canada and the U.K. Here, several Mercy Ministries graduates share their stories.


Mercy Ministries Offers Hope


“I was constantly running from my problems and they were following me. I found out about Mercy Ministries and with the great help of a friend I decided to apply. While on the waiting list, I felt that it was too much and that I couldn’t handle it anymore and came up with a for-sure way to die. God miraculously interceded and I’m here today. When I walked through the doors of Mercy Ministries I knew it was only God’s grace. I thought I had no hope but God has shown me that he has a great plan for me and after graduation I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. And God really got in me to what I want to do with my life and I’m now in chiropractic school in Atlanta, Georgia. And I’m just so excited to be able to bless people because I’ve been so blessed.”


Mercy Ministries Offers Restoration


“I was raised in a household with just a ton of love except I didn’t love myself. By the age of eight I started dieting. By the age of twelve I started binging and purging. By the age of fifteen I was hospitalized. And for fifteen years the vicious cycle of an eating disorder consumed my life. For half of my life this wonderful man stood by my side but the eating disorder drove a huge wedge between us. When I came to Mercy Ministries I was unraveling. I was ready to die. I was ready to give up hope and I needed someone to carry me and God said I will. While I was at Mercy Ministries, He restored my heart, He restored my soul, and He restored my life. He restored my body. And when doctors said I probably wouldn’t live, I lived. When doctors said I probably wouldn’t have children, this past July we had our beautiful son Joshua.”

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Mercy Ministries on Social Media Sites

Connect with Mercy Ministries on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin Connect with Mercy Ministries on Facebook Join our fan page on the world’s largest, fastest growing social network, and interact with other like minded folks. Plus, get updates, fresh content and other good stuff. Follow Mercy Ministries on Twitter Subscribe to our article feed on […]

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